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Virtual "Laying-In" Ceremony for Lindsay

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Today marks two months since Lindsay passed and yet it feels like it was yesterday. I still cannot understand or comprehend life without Lindsay. I don't feel any different today than yesterday, than last week, than last month, than two months ago. I'm not better or worse--I'm just existing, but existing so I can be the best dad to Arya and Ellis.

As some of you know, Lindsay and I prepared our estate planning documents shortly after she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Washington State is the first state to allow human remains to be naturally and organically reduced to soil (i.e., composted), and the first company, Recompose, opened in December 2020. It's such a grim topic to discuss, but Lindsay and I loved the idea of being transformed into soil in lieu of ash (via cremation) when we were considering our options.

A beautiful and emotional "laying-in" ceremony was held Friday, April 9, 2021, for Lindsay, and I'm sharing it here for those who were unable to attend and those wanting another opportunity to cherish, love, and remember Lindsay. As a small note, although fully covered and shrouded, and thus no part of her is except for her outline with a eucalyptus leaf placed on top, Lindsay will be visible during the ceremony.

Thank you to everyone that shared their love, memories, and stories during the ceremony. It was a perfect snapshot of the friendship and love Lindsay had with so many.

Lindsay Larsen Order of Events
Download PDF • 215KB

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