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It has been one week since we lost our beloved Lindsay. I am numb to the fact that Lindsay is gone; nothing has ever hurt so badly. From the moment we learned there were no further treatment options, to the days she slowly slipped away, to the moment she passed with our hands together, to having to break the news to Arya--it was the worst week of my life. However, I find comfort in knowing Lindsay made a profound impact on everyone who had the privilege of knowing her, and that her impact will continue living on through all of us, especially through Arya and Ellis, and those children so lucky to have learned from Lindsay at St. Thomas School.

I will never be able to express enough love and thanks for the support provided to my family. Your messages, stories, and pictures full of love and support are giving us strength when we need it most. It is overwhelming in the best way possible, but for the very worst reason. I struggle to find the right word, perhaps it is just grief, because I am both heartbroken and inspired. Lindsay did so much in 36 years--more than most will ever do--yet it’s hard not to think about what she would have done with another 36 years.

Many have asked what our family needs and how we can be supported during this difficult time. Links are included here through CaringBridge to a meal train and food delivery options, but we'll also continue the GoFundMe campaign for the kids and other unknown financial burdens. Alternatively, donations to F!ght Colorectal Cancer in Lindsay’s name would also be appreciated. As you likely know, Lindsay is part of the terrifying rise in early onset colon cancer for which there is no known cause. Colon cancer is commonly described as the most preventative and treatable those over 50...but it sadly becomes one of the most deadly cancers in those under 50.

Thank you all again so much for everything--every ounce of support and words of love and encouragement touch me in ways I cannot adequately explain.

As a quick way to close, I’d love for you all to listen to the following podcast @ 2 hours and 22 minutes: Mitch Unfiltered Episode 131. The entire podcast is great--the only one I regularly listen to--but Mitch so eloquently pays tribute to Lindsay for a few minutes and describes how he was personally touched by her journey. Hearing our words read by Mitch is heartbreaking but I’m further reminded just how incredible Lindsay was and how she impacted more people than we will ever know.

We're still working on arrangements to remember Lindsay, but those details will certainly follow.

I love you all.

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