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Moving Forward with Grief

I've decided today to take a huge next step by partaking in a grief group that will meet regularly over the next several months. I was previously speaking with a therapist but did not find it particularly helpful since I couldn't relate or connect with my therapist about the loss of Lindsay. Conversely, I recently connected with another young widow (also with kids and also due to colon cancer) and instantly I felt less alone. Tragically, we could bond over the worst months and days of our lives, but it was comfortable and something I had not felt since Lindsay passed in February. I'm simultaneously anxious and excited about this opportunity to be part of a larger group. I'm excited to learn more about my own grief, establish the tools to manage my grief, and connect with others who can understand my grief. However, I'm anxious about taking any steps that gives the appearance or feeling of "moving on." With that being said, it was recommended to me this morning that I watch this TED Talk and I want to share it with you all. There is no moving on from grief - there is only moving forward.

Much love to you all!

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Chris, I think this is a good move forward. I've been learning a lot about living with grief from a friend whose young daughter was killed, and one thing that she did, as well, was a write-your-grief group (she facilitates them now). Connecting with people is so important once you're ready for it. I wish you well as you move forward with your grief.


Tammy Fisher Huson
Tammy Fisher Huson
24 aug. 2021

I love this TedTalk and shared it with the STS staff before Lindsay had to leave us, Chris. I am so glad it resonated with you as well. For both Betsy and I - it rang so true. You NEVER move on. We never will. I am glad you are moving forward with your grief. And you are not alone there. Ever. Much love. Tammy

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